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Character Study: Trace ~ Axiom Verge

Trace and Repair Drone
You know what? I'm going to talk about what is definitely my favorite part, and what is in my opinion the most under-appreciated part of Axiom Verge: Trace, the protagonist. At a glance, he may seem "one-note" and "boring," but there are too many nuances that many of the game's critics seem to just... skip over..
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I should try using this journal more often.

Kirby Roleplaying

Hey guys! I'm here to tell you that I now roleplay in the communitythedressingroom as Kirby! So, yeah, I just wanted to announce that. If you roleplay as any other Kirby character, contact roundpinkpuff from your character journal, and we'll enjoy ourselves!


Review: Pokemon White, Nintendo DS

I recieved Pokemon White for my birthday on July 2nd, and beat the game in a little more than a week. I've been talking to my (less Pokemon- obsessed) friend about it for months on end, telling everyone how much I wanted the game since it came out, and I was excited when I finally got the game. However, I was dissapointed when I had beaten the game in not even two weeks, That being said, I enjoyed the short time spent on it.

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About my Cartoon Series

This cartoon is an action-adventure fantasy comedy about a group of adventurers in a fictional world. I'm still thinking up the pilot episode and plot, so stay tuned.

The site is still under construction, as well, and when I finish it, it can be searched by Google and Yahoo.

So, yeah. Stay tuned!

EDIT: The pilot episode storyboard-thing has been completed and now I'm working on the one for the next episode.